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contraceptive use

"On the basis of our survey findings, we estimate that of the 1.3 million women who underwent induced abortions in 2000, 608,000 had not been using a contraceptive method around the time they became pregnant, 610,000 had been using a method but not consistently or correctly, and 95,000 had thought they were using the method perfectly but became pregnant because of method failure. Although these estimates are based solely on women's retrospective reports and perceptions of why they became pregnant, they raise issues that are common among all contraceptive users and thus need to be addressed"
-From the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

It's one thing to know the percentages for women who do/don't use contraception, but seeing it put in numerical terms like that really hits home. This is why I strongly believe that contraception is a very powerful area of common ground...many hundred-thousands of abortions could be prevented if we could just get people to use contraception consistently.
I would love to see a progressive pro-life organization formed to join forces with pro-choicers on the issue of promoting contraception knowledge and use.
I can respect the views of pro-lifers who do not wish to use contraception in their own marriages, but I'll never agree with those who think it should not be available to other people.
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