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12th February 2006

darkundernilla11:52pm: I made a post asking for help regarding sex education information in other contries. I said that i would put my rough draft up for people to look at and critique.

http://cutecrowbar.com/education.html is now up and ready to look at.

Thank you all for any help that you can give.

~ peace and poptarts

3rd February 2006

darkundernilla9:57pm: Sex Education
This is Cross posted everywhere, sorry if you see it alot.

Okay, I need some help finding some very elusive information. I have been working on a paper for one of my Professors; a proposal essay about sexual education in public schools of California, and the United States. Its been going along at a decent clip, researching about the statistics here in California, the faults of the Bush Administration’s Abstinence Only Until Marriage campaign, and the effects on students coming out of these educational systems.
What I am having trouble locating is information about other countries. For the conclusion, my Professor would like me to profile three countries that use a comprehensive sexual education program, and compare their techniques and results with what I would propose for California’s public school system. If any one out there has this information (preferably from the last 4 years, and with legitimate sources) that would be amazingly helpful.
I will have my paper (in rough draft form) up at the following URL. www.cutecrowbar.com/education.html Advice and constructive criticism will be welcome.

29th January 2006

cknk1:00pm: prevention ideas...
Okay, no one has posted here for a while, but I'll post anyway and see if that helps draw people back into conversation.

I've been thinking about how people could try to help prevent abortions. Better education about birthcontrol methods seems like a bit of a red herring to me. Yes, is is probably good, particularily with regards to information about medications which make the birthcontrol pill ineffective. But I don't see it as the be all and end all cure for abortions. A lot of very intelligent people end up having accidental pregnancies.

I think colleges and universities need to have information available to students on how to live life as a student parent. I mean, every campus should have someone (possibly a career councillor, or psychologist, or whomever) who is appointed as the resource person who can help a young person sit down and find a way in which to be a parent and student. The person could go over the student's financial situation with them, as well as their home situation, could discuss possibilities for financial aid, daycare, part-time studies, etc, to help the person figure out how they can manage. The person shouldn't try to force or pressure students into keeping the child, simply be willing and able to help show them how to make it possible if the student wants to. And if the student chooses instead to abort, then the person should be able to refer them to an alternative agency. And, ideally, there should be a student activist group that holds events to bring public awareness to such a resource, and to help make students aware that yes, people can be students and parents at the same time. They group could also help arrange events for student-parents to get to know one another, and to provide volunteer babysitting and other help. Ideally the group, and the resource person, would not take sides in the pro-life, pro-choice debates, but answer all questions with the assertion that parenthood is a viable choice too. Does anyone know of anywhere where such programs are in existence? I don't.

I also wonder whether toning down the abortion rhetoric would help prevent abortions. The more pro-choicers feel scared that their "right to abort" will be taken away the more freakishly they cling to it. We end up having people asserting things like that abortion is an empowering act. And any attempt to disuade a woman from having an abortion is described as forcing ones viewpoint upon another. Maybe if abortion rights were secure... maybe, maybe, we could stop proclaiming the glory of it and start suggesting that it is a necessary EVIL. Or maybe not... I don't know.

We need to watch the way we talk about things. We need to watch how often we equate unplanned things with being unprepared or incapable. A pregnancy may be unplanned... but that doesn't mean it has to be unwanted. That doesn't mean the mother is necessarily unprepared. No mother is fully prepared for children, and almost all mothers have a number of months to prepare for it. Every time someone says "I'm not ready to have kids yet..." they help propagate the idea that there is some mythical state of being ready, and only people in that state should have kids. Don't say you're not ready to have kids. Say you're not trying or not planning. Live in a state of semi-readiness, a state of acceptance for what could come. Talk to your friends and encourage them to think of themselves as being open to what comes too.

26th April 2005

cute_kitty11:58pm: Yay!
Teens in Quebec will be able to get the birth control pill without having to see a doctor: http://www.cbc.ca/story/science/national/2005/04/26/Pill-nurses050426.html
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Personal note: my counselling professor (who I'm also semi-related to) was on the news relating to the story, and she's all for it (she has 2 teenage girls). I think this is awesome. Baby steps baby steps...

10th March 2005

thepixieinside3:40pm: I dunno if this is allowed, but...

I just created a new community for prolifers called babiesrpeople2.
If you are a prolifer, PLEASE JOIN and post! :)

16th October 2004

hushchild2:57pm: wallpaper_dolls

Help out this budding feminist community.
It is also pro-life.

1st June 2004

hasikelee10:50pm: I’ve been wondering about birth control and its link, if any, to abortion. I’ve just been pondering it! This isn’t a declaration of my beliefs, only thoughts and questions.

Does birth control really lower the incidence or chance/happening of abortion? Does it contribute to preventing more abortions? What about the instances of BC causing an abortion? Is BC simply a ‘lesser form’ of abortion?

I’ve been thinking about all the ideas, statements, opinions, etc, that I have before always accepted without question. (Prevent abortion by promoting safe-sex/BC.) Now, though, I’m finding myself having to justify why BC does prevent abortions…and I’m losing. (To myself, lol, this is all in my head.)

The root of my problem is not in the object (BC, abortion, sex) but in the feelings, attitude and ‘essence’ behind the objects. I’ve noticed that whenever a woman has an attitude of happiness, hope, love, “life” towards the baby, she never chooses abortion. Once people see the unborn as ‘wanted’ they choose not to abort. This could be after or before conception.

An example of not wanting a baby before one even exists:
A newly married couple view children as a big burden right now. They don’t ‘want’ a baby. They have a new life, a new sex life, jobs to work on, school to finish up, and a house to move into. They don’t have the resources to raise a baby. She still runs track in competitions and must stay in top shape. He works long hours and wouldn’t be able to care for her or the baby. Babies poop and cry and cry and poop. They’re young; they want to have fun and enjoy their life. A baby will ruin their social life.

This couple is married; they are going to have sex and verily well should. So, regarding their view, of course, they want to prevent conception. Hence, BC.

But, now to the part I’m stuck on…how does BC ultimately prevent abortion? It doesn’t! BC does not prevent abortion; it prevents the opportunity for abortion. If she gets pregnant, she will go directly to the nearest clinic.

Yeah, BC prevents abortions from happening now, but it does nothing, in fact, it encourages, the attitude that makes abortion necessary in the first place.

And, I would carry this on into a real ramble, but I’m tired. *sigh*
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23rd May 2004

bowchicawow6:33pm: ALESSE
Hopfully this is where I should be posting this question!!

Hey guys!! My docter had wanted to put me on alesse, for acne. I'm somewhat skeptical about this however, so if anyone could answer my questions thatd be great!

1.)Have you heard any bad side effects from your own experience or anyone else's that's taken alesse? Do you gain/lose weight?! Do your boobs get bigger!!?? hahah :)

2.)Does it actually clear up the acne? How long do you usually have to be on it for?

3.) My period is irregular as well...if I was to go on it for oh...3 months, and it regulated my period, once I went off of it would it go back to being irregular?

Thanks so much! xoxo

27th March 2004

thisxabovexall3:31am: If you were going to explain the idea of preventing abortion and unwanted pregnancies to someone who (inexplicibly) didn't understand it at all, what would you say?

I just started a fanlisting for Pro-Prevention (as I am geeky like that) and I'd like to add a short explaination and some links.

Facts I'm looking for:

- Amount of abortions that were not medically necessary.
- The economic effects of said abortions.
- Ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies and links to more imformation.
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24th March 2004

lower_class12:30pm: A Survey
If you have a moment, I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions.
I am writing a paper for my English class on how they took out sex ed. and are switching to abstinence only...
And I only know of what they are doing here and what I was taught in NY...so I am trying to get an understanding of the way it is in other states....
You don't have to answer the questions if you do not want to.
Please don't be a butthead about it though...I would appreciate it.
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12th March 2004

maranta7:36pm: NY Times article on teen pregnancy
Behind Fall in Pregnancy, a New Teenage Culture of Restraint

Alberto and Jasmine are 16-year-old sweethearts, or were until that day in November when Jasmine, who planned to be a virgin until marriage, learned in the halls of DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx that Alberto was "messing around."

She raged, she wept and she broke up with him. He apologized, he cried and she took him back. Then she suggested they cut school and have sex — "to keep him," she explained tearfully.

It could have been one of the oldest stories in the book, except for the real-life ending: Alberto said no.

Though he is just one teenager — short and freckled, with close-cropped kinky hair, a Hispanic surname and an electric smile — his personal decision speaks to the underlying causes of an extraordinary demographic shift.

The teenage pregnancy rate in America, which rose sharply between 1986 and 1991 to huge public alarm, has fallen steadily for a decade with little fanfare, to below any level previously recorded in the United States. And though pregnancy prevention efforts have long focused almost exclusively on girls, it is boys whose behavior shows the most startling changes.

More than half of all male high school students reported in 2001 that they were virgins, up from 39 percent in 1990. Among the sexually active, condom use has soared to 65 percent, and nearly 73 percent among black male students. The trends are similar, if less pronounced, for female students, who remain slightly less likely than boys to report that they have had sex. Nowhere are the changes more surprising than in poor minority neighborhoods in Harlem and the Bronx, which a decade ago were seen as centers of a national epidemic of teenage pregnancy.

Researchers often sum up the findings in one tidy phrase: "less sex, more contraception." But there is nothing simple about their puzzlement over the reasons.

"The default position is 'Yahoo, let's have sex,' " said Sarah Brown, director of the private, nonprofit National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. "It takes some motivation in a highly sexualized culture for teenagers not to have sex. To use contraception takes a lot of motivation."

"I think there's something very profound going on. I don't think anybody understands in depth this change in teen culture."
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28th January 2004

glitter_storm10:17pm: Abortion is not entirely wrong. There are plenty of acceptable cases, i have half views on some things.

1) Rape - that explains itself, that would emotionally destroy someone.
2) If within the first few months the baby is found to have abnormalties/dysfunctions
3) If a mother to be has an illness such as hiv that is transmittable to the fetus or any other fatal ill ness that will transmit.
4)Teens with heavy psychological difficulties, those things are hereditary. That mother can not emotionally handle to properly give a child the things it needs. Adoption in this day isnt very successful, most adopting parents abuse children because they are not their own.
5) Drug abuse mothers, pregnant women on heroine or drugs/alcoholics --alot of things happen from that.

Sometimes i think, in certain situations...that a baby would be better off if it was not brought into this world to have a destiny to live a horrible life. If you know a child is going to grow up parentless or be abused somehow, let the fetus die young and innocent and not have to live through a life thats no better than death? I dont know if that makes sense?
I dont mean to get religious....but before a baby is born...its not mature...its innocent...and when they are aborted for good reason, they get to skip this life and go on to their next one that we all live on earth to get to in the end?
I dont know, i dont want to offend anyone.
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hasikelee8:43pm: Comm about plans...
Hola everyone!

I think I did or will cross-post this in communities about or related to abortion.

I noticed the march4choice community and realized what a remedous help it must be for anyone who wants to go on the march.

It’s a community primarily for talking about the march; slogans to shout, signs to make, groups, buses, ways to get there, etc.

And I was thinking, why not make a march4life community for the March For Life? It would definitely help out my scatter-brain planning habits.

Let me know your thoughts on this!

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24th January 2004

djpekky3:00pm: This is wrong!

Brazil to End Plan to Mail Free Contraception

Great! (sic)Collapse )

They condemn abortion but also condemn the practices to prevent it.

No more comments. For my mental sanity at least.
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9th November 2003

luighseach3:19pm: Hello everyone. This is the reason I haven't been active here for a while, and the result of my attitude towards abortion: Not for me.

Now I really should not have more than her for five years or so. I am planning to use double birth-control for a few years, any idea as to what types could be easily combined? I am not thrilled by the thought of hormone-affecting birth-control...

26th October 2003

irisira034:57pm: I come from a long long line of very fertile females. Each one has had *at least* one unplanned pregnancy.

I plan to be the exception to the rule.

I've been on The Pill (Triphasil 28) for four years, and when I have sex, I make sure my partner uses a condom as well.

My unfertilized as of yet womb is proof that the Vatican is full of shit in their new campaign. If condoms don't prevent AIDS, they certainly won't prevent pregnancy, and I was sexually active for a few months before I started The Pill.

If anyone would become pregnant while using a condom, it would be me.

I can't say that I know what I would do if I were to become pregnant. I don't want to make that decision, so I am choosing not to. I know how to prevent pregnancy, and I am doing it - by being responsible.

13th October 2003

fellcat2:15pm: Condoms?
The Vatican

A HIV- Liverpool doctor who was married to a HIV+ man for eight years

I know who I believe, and it ain't the Pope.

4th October 2003

djpekky10:25am: No prevention in the name of Family Values

They think they are going to discourage people from having sex.

Give me a Break!
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7th August 2003

_m0rbiidcandyy9:49pm: Hi. I'm jaxx and I'm pro-choice, and pro-prevention. I think there should be better education about sex and birth control. There should also be better access to birth control and an OTC ECP available. Though I think abortion should always be an option, I feel that education and BC access will reduce the demand for abortion. Both sides can work together; it's important to find common ground.

I made some icons for the community.

16th July 2003

maranta10:57pm: contraceptive use
"On the basis of our survey findings, we estimate that of the 1.3 million women who underwent induced abortions in 2000, 608,000 had not been using a contraceptive method around the time they became pregnant, 610,000 had been using a method but not consistently or correctly, and 95,000 had thought they were using the method perfectly but became pregnant because of method failure. Although these estimates are based solely on women's retrospective reports and perceptions of why they became pregnant, they raise issues that are common among all contraceptive users and thus need to be addressed"
-From the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

It's one thing to know the percentages for women who do/don't use contraception, but seeing it put in numerical terms like that really hits home. This is why I strongly believe that contraception is a very powerful area of common ground...many hundred-thousands of abortions could be prevented if we could just get people to use contraception consistently.
I would love to see a progressive pro-life organization formed to join forces with pro-choicers on the issue of promoting contraception knowledge and use.
I can respect the views of pro-lifers who do not wish to use contraception in their own marriages, but I'll never agree with those who think it should not be available to other people.

10th July 2003

maranta8:01pm: black widow venom may lead to new male contraceptive
Glad to see there is some progress in male contraception research. This could be a big help for women who can't tolerate hormones.

TEMUCO, Chile (Reuters) -- Chilean researchers said they aimed to develop a new pill to combat impotence that would have the added bonus of being a male contraceptive, based on experiments with the venom of black-widow spiders.


4th July 2003

bygrace11:01pm: Hi all,

I'd like to invite anyone interested to questionofgod

For the discussion of Christianity

(open to all, regardless of faith or lack of).

Note to maintainer: If you'd like me to remove this promotion, lemme know :)

2nd July 2003

maranta7:54pm: Incentives for vasectomy in Colombia
I suspect that some people will dislike this sort of plan, because of the potential for coercion. However, I think it's probably a good idea, as long as they're not tricking the guys into thinking it's reversible or anything. So many men are afraid of vasectomy for irrational reasons, if this kind of incentive helps them find the courage to do it, that's great.

Colombian Men Undergo Vasectomies for Land
Mon Jun 30, 8:31 AM ET

By Nelson Bocanegra

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - Worried sick but too late to call off the operation, Colombian peasant Marquelis had a panic attack and passed out at the clinic.
Fainting won him only a brief reprieve, and the father of three was soon under the knife. After a few delicate snips, Marquelis became the proud -- if sterile -- owner of acres of land under a private Colombian program that gives plots to men in two Caribbean coast towns who undergo vasectomy operations.
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